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About Appville softwares

About Us

Appville Softwares is a dynamic company, focusing on Augumented reality, Mixed reality and Industrial Interne of Things (IIOT). They have excellent knowledge in native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
Appville softwares are working in projects related to Industry 4.0 with IIOT and other AR services, including taking data from sensors, PLC and display production monitoring data and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Our customers include all over the world.

Our services include

  • - Augmented reality for machinery demo (integrating your CAD software)
  • - Augmented reality for service personnel (troubleshooting machines with help of AR)
  • - Augmetned reality for brochure/ exhibitions LIVE demo of machines.
  • - Mixed reality - for Industrial customers
  • - Industry 4.0 solutions
  • - Industrial IOT solutions - Measuring machine health and advising about the breakdown.
  • - Mobile app development

Interested to see your products with Industry 4 solutions!! Go ahead and talk with us on the contact page. We'll be pleased to answer you soon...