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Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. IOT is part of the greater picture with AR/ VR integration.

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Start Date June 2018
Clients Robot manufacturer
Innovation Marketing in AR
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Marketing with AR/VR/MR

Marketing of OEM machinery with AR

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert along with IOT expertise, gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, how your digital marketing campaign shall be used for converting your retail products digitally and shown using immersive technologies.

Product marketing in the present digital world is an art. Showcasing your LIVE virtual product onto the customer premises, without take the real product, is the need of the hour for an marketing enthusiast. The digital marketing initative from the organization shall deliver tools as simple as smart phone with the AR experience app installed in it. The virtuatilization of the AR app will enable the product to be virtually seen in the factory floor at the customer premises in a 1:1 scale. This helps the customer to visualize the digital equipment in his factory, without actually buying the equipment. This will enable the heavy equipment to be seen in a light weight smart phone application or in a mixed reality application.

The video shows the action of the robot along with the conveyor of how it can be kept near the CNC machine, and the immersive experience, for the end customer would be a ideal way to digital market. The product of the OEM, is changed digitally for a virtual AR immersive experience, in the real world. The marketing expert shall have the technology at his hands with a simple android/ iPhone and bring out the AR content easily with the help of the predefined floor recognition. In this way, the marketing expert can do the content marketing to his prospective client, with any of the virtual digital content/ machine that he has, and can be shown in a 1:1 scale near any real time object.

The same can be taken to the next level of having a real time object running somewhere and creating a twin near the machine with real time IOT values. See our other videos for similar real time solutions.

Similarly, AR training for Industry 4.0 is also handled by Appville Softwares, for conversion of any factory solution into Smart factory solution. The maintenance team will have the transformation into digital training using one of this immersive technology. Industry 4.0 is changing the factory scenario into a new digital level, where the connected worker is handled remotely with any new problem and successfully changing into digital transformation.

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