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Augmented Reality - Wall design

Wall/ Ceilings can be decorated with designs dynamically with preloaded/ cloud based images.




Augmented Reality and IIOT

Augmented Reality - Anchor

Ideal for troublshooting of machines, training components to be installed in the machines. Anchoring of videos, pdf files, information, documents linked to a particular part.




Augmented Reality with IIOT

The usecase of the AR and IIOT is one of the core component of Industry 4.0 solutions. It can be used for training, troublshooting, routine maintenance etc.


Augmented Reality and IIOT

Augmented Reality for Marketing

Augmented Reality for Marketing

The Augmented Reality usecase for marketing is interseting to showcase the different machine models virtually to the customer, in front of them, with the inner details of the products/ mechanical parts, including design/ bearing details etc, with creativity and interactivity.


Augmented Reality for Industrial Products

The ability to show the difficult part of the machine, at ease, to the customer - is an art.

Augmented reality is a new technology at the forefront to show your machine models/ product models virtually in your factory space / office space immediately. Interactivity of rotation, moving etc, can be added as per the customer requirement.



Augmented Reality - Industrial Products
Augmented Reality - Education

Augmented Reality for Education

The Augmented Reality usecase for Education is a new tool for the students and college graduates to visualize thier study product at a much faster pace. The use of difficult concepts in Chemistry, Physics and Maths are a part of the education app that we are doing.


Augmented Reality for Training

The usecase and the future mobilty business will focus more on these kind of usecases.

The merger of the augmented world and the virtual world towards the Mixed reality is a boon for these usecases.

Appville softwares has given industry proven applications for the training and other maintenance usecases to various verticals.


Augmented Reality - Troublshooting
Augmented Reality - Industrial Usecase

Augmented Reality for troubshooting

The usecase to remote diagnosis is a far held topic for the industrialist and especially the maintenance team. The use case of remote troubshooting for mechanical and electrical devices is a needed boon for an OEM/ product manufactuer for minimal downtime and efficient Industry 4.0 solutions. Appville Softwares is one of the leading provider for these kind of applications.


Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

The usecase in the manufacturing includes, lots of cases for augmented workforce. Training of new machines, Remote maintenance, daily routine maintenance.


Augmented Reality in Electronics

The usecases for the electronics, is very critical with the case of inexperienced people for service of PCB boards and electronics boards. With the use of the augmented reality, the service and troubshooting with the digital catalog, the service and replacement for many machineries will be a day off.

Augmented Reality in Construction

A walk through of your dream home would be ideal with the virtual model of your home with every minute details augmented for the user.


Augmented Reality Construction
Augmented Reality Furniture

Augmented Reality in Furniture

The IKEA app is very apt model for the furniture business.


Augmented Reality in Puzzles

The augmented reality for puzzles, is an innovative method for kids to work around.

Augmented Reality Puzzles
  Augmented Reality in Retail

Augmented Reality in Assembly line

The use of Augmented workforce for everyday maintenance is made easy with the use of technologies including augmented reality and mixed reality.



Augmented Reality Manufacturing



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