Hololens for Education

Mixed Reality in Education

Practical and hands-on training for field worker is essential part of training the field worker to operate and troubleshoot a machine. In order to provide consistent training experience to the user, training of the user needs to automated using AR.

Using the Hololens, user can visualize the extra information augmented over the MMS stations. This augmented information can be fed from the IOT device in real time. By combining AR and IOT, field worker can visualize the data overlaid over the machine in real-time and get insights on the workings of the machine.

More importantly, when some issue occurs in the machine, the warning is shown for the user. Along with warning, video explaining the way to fix the warning is also provided. This enahances the user's ability understand, operate and troubleshoot the machine all with a consistent user experience

At a Glance

Start Date April 2019
Clients Janatcics, India
Innovation Hololens with cloud technology
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Education with AR

AR/VR in Education

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