Predictive analysis - The data from the PLC/ brownfield/ greenfield project is take to the cloud -> Cleaned the data -> Analyse -> Create model -> Predict

The OEM needs to have the intelligence to choose the variable and the attributes.

An iOS app, where the data of the PLC and alarms are shown on the app.

Industrial OEE Dashboard - This dashboard shall have the Productivity, Performance, availability etc. This will showcase a clear picture of the production plant from the labout to the management to the board

Shows an overall view of the Industry 4.0 parameters

Shows two simple ways of taking the data from the PLC to the cloud. Option 1: Use an IOT box and collect the data to the cloud. Option 2: Create an hub with mulptiple PLC's and take the data to the cloud

Shows an Augmented reality picture of an motor - when scanned - shows the particular values of that motor.

Identifying the health of the machine and doing the correct diagnositics is the key for the digital factory. All the machines should have a predictive model and the downtime of the factory/ production should be at the very minimal

IOT & Augmented reality

IOT_AR_panel from Balachandar on Vimeo.