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Digitalization is on the verge of the first step towards Industry4.0.

Industrial Automation is heading towards full digitalization. The future systems shall be designed as modular, flexible, networked, efficient and Intelligent. Speech will be mainly on increase flexibility and productivity. Many apps shall take over the maintenance manager, which will shape the future of any automation.

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. Patterns are recognized in unstrcutured datasets using algorithmsand decisions are to be taken themselves based on the key-in knowledge. The black box of the ML, shall learn with the data coming in and based on this, use the experiences it acquires to constantly improve its ability to perform better tasks.

Deep Learning relies on the Neural network algorithm. The computer accesses data at several nodes simultaneously in order to identify connections and make conclusions and predicts the outcome. Self-learning algorithm enable the machine to solve complex non-linear problems on its own. It also makes its own decisions after a certain point of time.

Artificial Intelligence might refer to an application in which various machine data performs tasks that would normally require a human interference, such as learning, correction, judging and solving. New tools and technological solutions are developed for this purpose.


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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0