IOT Solutions

IOT (Internet of Things) is no more a buzzword and many off-the-self modules are available in facilitating it. Augmented Reality has gained traction during the pandemic. AR is now being used across several domains such as retail sector, manufacturing sector, and so on. With the recent general availibility of AR in browsers, it has become a house-hold name.

Combining IOT with AR gives rise to many new possibilities of visualizing data in new ways. This paradigm shift and novel way of visualizing things leads to actionable insights. This in turn allows user/opertor to take right decisions to improve the performance of the system.

Going further on this by integrated Machine Learning on top of IOT and AR, makes a much more powerful systems.

IOT Panel

Example of IOT with a panel


IOT on Electrical panels and PLC

Example of IOT on an electrical panel with PLC/ SPS.


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