Augmented reality

We delivery Augmented reality solutions for Industrial and Retail customers. Convert your leaflet, visiting card, posters into LIVE virtual products interacting with your customers. Call us for a free demo.

Industrial IOT

Understand the needs of your sensor in the machine, and check what it is informing to you. We program, such a way - the machine shall inform you, before the breakdown happens!!

Mobile Apps

We provide rugged solutions for iOS, Android, Windows. We also help the customer to accostom the latest Virtual reality/ Augumented reality for their products. The next few years the AR bubble will burst.

Home automation

Marketing & field trainers are a part of our group... To assist the customers at any time

White board animation

White board animation shall be a part of the every industry in the near future. It helps to explain the product in a nut-sheel of less than 2 minutes to the prospective customer.

Web development

Develop responsive websites in HTML5, Javascript.


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