Augmented Reality

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is one of the component we do with Industry 4.0

The technical aspects of the Augmented reality is enourmous and is exploding in each field.


Augmented reality is one of the cutting edge technologies involved in the industry 4.0 trend when talking about smart manufacturing, it is a technology which was seen just as a fancy toy until a few years back, but which has now reached the right level of maturity to be employed in a productive environment.



Augmented reality is a concept, where the actual layer of the world is superimposed on the technology over the phone. To get a better idea, view the above video. .

IIOT - Industrial Internet of Things - Includes the ability of the machine to interact with the cloud database. The next step with these data is the key algorithm, which shall inform the machine operator, about the "machine health" .

  • Machinery
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Products

1 - The machine that is used to demonstrate on a leaflet, can be made LIVE with a virtual machine, interacting with the customer. Also the animation and exploded views can be interconnected with the LIVE machine model.

2 - The education industry is a vast enclousre, where the amount of interactivity can be made to the students at a higer level.

3 - Construction industry is a exciting field, for the users who want to see the real feel of the house, before building the real house. On the industrial sector, layout of the pipes and other sectors can also be visuallised.

4 - Virtually showing your product to the customer, which are inside the box - is a boom to the marketing setup for your team and setup.