Education sector - Augmented Reality Usecase

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert along with IOT expertise, gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, how your an simple chemical equation can be experienced in a different interaction level.

All the industries are getting transformed into digital transformation using the new digital tools. Education field is much ahead, as the visualization for the younger minds will create beautiful butterflies, with this type of visualization themes. In this video, one can easily see, how the periodic table is shown as a digital content, using the Augmented reality smart phone usage. In this way, the user will have an interactive and personalized experience of linking with the digital content of the periodic table.

The user will have an AR experience, and will learn independently, after the study material is done at the school work. This will induce the education to take to the next level, of personalized interactivity with the content in the digital format. The AR VR technology will change the way, how the world is going to learn in the near future. Mixed reality will the young minds and old minds to have the next level of interaction with the learning content in this digital transformation.

At a Glance

Start Date August 2017
Clients Education sector
Innovation Digital Periodic table
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality
3d modeling

Augmented Reality Usecase

Periodic table AR in Education

This video gives an extensive tutorial of how to see the chemical equation in a different angle. Augmented reality technology, which focuses on virtual content on the real world, shows how the education industry will transform with the learning content going digital.

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