Digital Transformation for Equipment

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, on a packing machine, how a connected worker, will be able to troubleshoot problems with the help of immersive technology, namely augmented reality, Floatspot - AR tool for iOS

This app, Floatspot, will be able to use training facilities also for guidance and step by step procedure for the real time worker, who needs to have an immediate guidance of the next subsequent steps.

At a Glance

Start Date June 2019
Clients India and abroad
Innovation Floating digital content
Location India and abroad
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality
3d modelling

Augmented Reality Usecase

AR service for Digital Packing machine

In this video, the OEM has made a predefined menu steps, which could be the fault lists and troubleshooting steps for the end customer. During the daily routine of work, the operator might face some problem, and the OEM which has put out the Menu with the problem statment, will guide the operator to solve the problem using digitalization and immersive technology. Here, you can see, the operator choosing a menu item, and accordingly, the AR service app, shall guide the operator to go towards that point, and immerse the operator with the digital content of how to solve the problem.

In this way, the operator shall be able to focus on the troubleshooting steps with the digital content and which is placed near the machine. A normal smart phone with the app installed will help the operator to go with the Augmented reality solution. To go one step ahead, using Mixed reality solution, the operator can give voice commands and bring out the technology for hands-free troubleshooting in a smart environment.

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