Agile Methodology

Appville Softwares follows the agile methodology for its process flow.

Step 1

Narration & Understanding

Discussion with client


Mutual understanding

Discussion of projects and getting clarity

Emails/ Skype/ Whatsapp/ Teamviewer, telephone – some ways of communication to customer

Step 2


Appville developing screens – mockup OR real time screens.

Mock up screens – when the design is very vague

Real time screens – when there is more clarity

Customer approves the screens

Step 3

Coding & Prototyping

If server part is present, if customer scope, the server part can be taken care by the customer.

Else, Appville shall take care of it. Please note, explicit quotation needs to be done for the server side coding, including hardware etc.

Step 4


Prototype shall be given to the customer, based on the screen design and interaction

Feeback to be taken and adjusted

More interaction/ Agile methodology to be done at this stage, so that to understand each and every point.

Step 5

Model Delivery

App model to be given to the customer, and accordingly more fine tuned

Published after acceptance from the customer at the marketplace

Step 6


Review and Feedback

Subsequent phases, feedbacks for each module(s) can be added in the same app and accordingly updated in the marketplace OR a Pro version isreleased based on the requirements

This is very important for the customer satisfaction.

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