Digitalization for Post-Covid

Digital Expo

Touchless/contactless interaction is the new way of interaction among inidividuals. Even exhibitions/expos are becoming virtual. Advancements in browser technology, has led to rich set of graphics and processing that happens in browser itself. The virtual exhibition with the images, videos and brochures would be provided in the virtual booth which otherwise would have been provided in the physical exhibition.

With people used to new way communication with video calls and online chats, virtual exhibition aided with live chats and video calling facility provides way to contact the customers with the sales team. This form of communication greatly boosts the conversion of leads.

Post-pandemic, even if physical exhibitions re-appear the virtual exhibition will still co-exist.


Spares parts

Maintenance and service of an engineering component can be complicated. The task is mostly human-dependant. Thus the challenge of maintaining skilled resource and maintaining consistency in the support is inherent in the servicing process. On top of this, after finding the faulty component, the technician has to identify part name and its component number. This process could take some time off the expert.

Augmented Reality (AR) becomes handy when it becomes to upskilling a beginner or a medium level service technician to perform a task. AR can make it easier to understand the parts and process of performing the troubleshooting scenario. Once the technician has fixed the issue, he/she can immediately refer the component in AR with details of part name and component id. Also, by integrating to the ordering system, the order of the item can be placed right away from the AR app.

This placement of order for spare parts could boost to revenue generation from the spare parts business.



One of the solution to an OEM was given at Hannover Messe, where we were able to pull up the IOT values and shown them on an AR with digital content floating around the spaces of an OEM conveyor.



User manuals, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), troubleshooting manuals are all in textual format which is difficult to follow, read and understand. For a modern worker, who is used to rich digital media content like videos, images and AR, reading a big textual documentation can be a daunting task and would be difficult to understand.

Thus digitalizing of the SOPs and manuals is the need of the hour. The entire user manual can be digitized with the videos, 3d animations or images around the actual machine. This will greatly enhance the user's ability to understand the machine and its working. Also, the user can troubleshoot the machines with the help of the AR content. This will boost the operator's confidence in fixng the machine



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