Digital Twin

Digital Twin - Industry 4.0 component

AR/ VR/ MR Training Solutions for Post-Covid

Digital Twin Conveyor

Digital twin of a conveyor model, running and the IOT values are fetched and showed with MQTT technology and the real twin and virtual clone/ twin is shown on the other side of the content. The real time values of the motor and status also changes realistic on the digital twin, as the real time values are changed.


Briaiding machine

The braiding machine is simulated with 3D model of the real machine running parameters, with speed and pressure. The simulation will show the parts in REd, based on the heating, if the speed is increased virutually.


Gearbox Twin with IOT

The video showcases, the usecase of Augmented reality, where the user shall be able to go inside the factory, of each state, and still be able to login to the industry IOT dashboard for each equipment. In this case, they can go into each factory, and the number of gearboxes are shown along with its respective IOT values along its sides.


Drilling machine

The drilling machine is shown in different scenario with the different parts exploded and shown in various angles, next to the actual machine


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