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Digital Marketing with AR/VR/MR - Sweeper

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. IOT is part of the greater picture with AR/ VR integration.

The cleanliness and hygiene has become primary focus in a post-COVID scenario. Industrial cleaning and hygiene is taken by variety of sweepers. However, visualizing an industrial sweeper in a real world environment is a challenge. Using AR, the customer can visualize the sweeper in real world in their environment through their mobile phones. This takes the customer to a step closer to making a purchase decision.

With the advent of WebAR, the AR product visualization is taken to a next level in which the user need not install any separate app to visualize the content. Instead user can utilize the web browser like chrome (latest version) to visualize the AR content. This greatly reduces the friction of user to experience the AR by removing the necessity to install apps.



At a Glance

Start Date April 2018
Clients Cleaning Industry - Outsourced
Innovation Marketing in AR
Location India
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Marketing with AR/VR/MR

Marketing of Industrial equipments - Sweeper

In this video, the sweeper is shown to be virtually cleaning the surface at an industrial place. The user will be able to appreciate the experience, virtually, with able to view the sweeper cleaning the surface with digital transformation, on how it is performing, and also the digital content of the sweeper is shown in 3D model with Augmented reality technology. The same shall be able to be seen in Virtual reality and Mixed reality technology also. The digital twin is another concept, where the servicing and maintenance and breakdown is predictive using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Appville Softwares, gives solutions to Industry 4.0 problems and gives the strategy to transform to a Smart Factory. Our solutions include Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed reality, Industrial IOT, Digital Twin and Digitalization. In this way, any manufacturing company, would transform itself to Manufacturing 4.0 strategy.

Applications includes AR app for heavy industries, including construction equipment, automotive models, and any kind of mechanical models. As Ikea was a team leader, which took this technology in this early stages for their digital marketing, which was an instant hit. The AR VR services will enable the user to have an experience, with the digital product, before buying it.

Similarly, AR training for Industry 4.0 is also handled by Appville Softwares, for conversion of any factory solution into Smart factory solution. The maintenance team will have the transformation into digital training using one of this immersive technology. Industry 4.0 is changing the factory scenario into a new digital level, where the connected worker is handled remotely with any new problem and successfully changing into digital transformation.

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