Digitalization with Augmented Reality

Upskill with Industry 4.0

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, the statement of Procedure can be coverted into a digital content using simple steps, with the app.

Similarly, AR digitalization for Industry 4.0 is also handled by Appville Softwares, for conversion of any factory solution into Smart factory solution. The maintenance team will have the transformation into digital training using one of this immersive technology. Industry 4.0 is changing the factory scenario into a new digital level, where the connected worker is handled remotely with any new problem and successfully changing into digital transformation.

At a Glance

Start Date March 2018
Clients Hotel, Singapore
Innovation Augmented reality Service
Location Singapore
Services Rendered Digitalization
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality with Digitalization

Digitalization in Service industry

Appville Softwares, one of the growing digital marketing expert along with IOT expertise, gives companies around the world, on how to go about Digital Strategy and Digital transformation. In this video, Appville Softwares showcases, its tool of Floatspot, where the connected worker will be able to connect the digital content around the equipment for its troubleshooting guide.

This video is being done at a hotel industry, where the user, who want s to stay at the hotel, wants to have more knowledge of the services that are being offered. And this given by the hotel management using the digital contents. The video starts with the menu showing different values for the connected user, where the user will be able to select the menu item, and the augmented app shall guide the user to show the digital content, that is being virtually placed on the 3d place or equipment.  The menu items shows the various digital hotspots that are placed around the room for various activity that is showed in a video format, for the user, as a digital guide. 

Floatspot, a flagship product of Appville Softwares, can be used to digitize the Standard operating procedure, of any content in any process industry. The process industry, which usually have the assets in a fixed form, will be able to locate the digital SOPs near the equipment, hence transforming the industry into a smart industry 4.0 tag. The operator shall be able to view the standard procedures of the equipment around the machine, with a simple smart phone - using Augmented reality immersive technology.

The steps involving the conversion of the manual SOP into a digital SOP is as easy as recording the video and take photos onto the same smart device, where the app is installed. Hence the usage of the app will be in full control of the end user, of connecting the 3d digital point with the digital content, which might be a video, an image, a text or a PDF document, is entirely in the hands of the digital team of the process industry. In more developments, the digital team of the industry shall also have a connected platform, where they can transform to other plants by sharing the same file onto the other plants across the geographic states.

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